Gainesville Times

Hall Tales, 3: Railroads

August 9, 2018

Host Johnny Vardeman talks with Warren Jones, a railroad historian and retired professor, about the early days of the lines running through North Georgia and Gainesville. Hear about the days when rail was the lifeline of towns like Helen, then a timber town, and Gainesville, which grew into the economic center of Northeast Georgia with the addition of several rail lines in the 1800s.

Johnny and Warren cover the history of the Gainesville Midland, a train robbery by the infamous Bill Miner and the demise of Helen’s rail branch.

You can catch a presentation from Warren at the Northeast Georgia History Center in September. More info here:

Warren also provided The Times with a copy of his original song, “Remembering a Railroad,” alternatively titled “Three Cents a Mile,” performed by Helen artist Dede Vogt and company. Listen to the end of the episode to hear the song.